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Customers upgrade from 2D-LNS to 3D-LNS

Customers in Berlin and in Bochum have upgraded from 2D-LNS to the new 3D-LNS. While 2D-LNS was restricted to axial needle guidance, 3D-LNS is even faster and suited for almost all imaginable CT-guided interventions: whether simple CT-guided intervention or complex multi-needle-application. With 3D-LNS, even the smallest lesions that can only be reached with a double-angled approach can be punctured within a couple of minutes.

The photograph shows the 3D-LNS in the operation theater of the Grönemeyer Institute for MicroTherapy (GIMT) in Bochum, Germany.



World premiere: first clinical installation of the new 3D LNS

3D-LNS BaselIn the first months of 2014 the 2D-LNS was replaced by the newly developed 3D-LNS.

The worldwide first clinical installation of the new 3D-LNS was completed at the "Universitätsspital Basel" in May 2014. At the university clinic the installation was planned together with the new constructed CT room.

Now the Universitätsspital Basel is equipped with the latest CT technology and the latest image guided navigation technology for CT-guided interventions.